.: about us

We have been building PC's for Teesside's homes and businesses since 1993. But our experience goes back even further than that; one of our members of staff has been repairing PCs almost since from when they first appeared, back in the early 1980's!

We don't just build new systems, we can repair almost any PC. And when you talk to a Fantasy Computers technician, you don't just speak to a middle-man, or a salesman blandly reciting some pre-written sales patter. Instead, we really try to get to the bottom of what sort of PC would be just right for you.

We do not operate on-line sales. Instead, we firmly believe that good communication, and an excellent one-on-one relationship with the retailer, is always better for the customer in the end.

Throughout Teesside, PC retailers big or small have appeared one year, and then disappeared the next. Fantasy Computers have been continually trading under the same ownership for 16 years now, which we think now makes us the longest-established local computer retailer. This is no accident. Whilst computers have evolved & changed massively since 1993, the core values of great customer service and a high-quality product never change.



.: collection & repair service 

Take the hassle out of your PC Repair

Did you know that we now offer a service whereby we can come and collect your faulty PC or laptop, take it back to our workshops for repair, and then return it to you once it's fixed? This convenient service is available to any customers within the Teesside area, and costs just 20. (In addition to the cost of the actual repair). Call us on 01642 601160 for all the details, or to arrange a collection.



.: repairs and upgrades

Talking to several of our customers recently, it has come to our attention that many people do not realise that we also undertake computer repairs and upgrades. It seems that many believe we are just a computer retailer! This couldn't be further from the truth. We are able to repair practically any desktop tower PC or any laptop. It doesn't matter where it has come from, or who built it.


So, if you have a poorly computer, then give us a call on (01642) 601160, or just pop it into the shop here in Skinner Street, Stockton, and we will take a look at it for you.



.: computer sales

We're also involved in the sale of PCs, with both brand-new state-of-the-art machines, plus also pre-owned refurbished machines available. If you are buying a brand-new machine, then this PC can be tailored exactly to your requirements. We have a wide variety of cases available, and any PC can be supplied either with, or without the monitor screen. There's also a choice of Operating System.... we can still offer Windows XP Home or Professional, or alternatively the very popular Windows 7, the latest Operating System by Microsoft. Or there's even Linux if you prefer!

We also always have a good stock of laptops available; again, with choice of either brand-new machines (starting from just 379), or budget pre-owned laptops too, which are sometimes available from under 100.


.: quick contact details

Telephone  :      (01642) 601160

Fax            :      (01642) 678525

Address      :      24, Skinner Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside. TS18 1EG.

Email          :      fantasycomp@btconnect.com

Hours         :      Monday to Saturday - 9am until 6pm.

Map           :      We are located in Stockton-on-Tees. See map below......



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